Internet Photonics Adds A New GigE Multiplexer


Internet Photonics Inc. will offer cable operators a new gigabit Ethernet service-line access multiplexer to help them roll out such bandwidth-heavy services as video-on-demand and high-definition TV.

The LightStack GSLAM can scale to 256 Gigabits on a single fiber, at lengths of 100 kilometers. IP said the multiplexer can handle over 30,000 simultaneous standard-definition video streams and 6,000 simultaneous HDTV streams.

"The LightStack GSLAM allows us to scale these services across a convention-free shared facility to any distance," said vice president of marketing Gary Southwell. The GSLAM could also handle data and Internet-protocol telephony traffic, he said.

"You could put a gateway on either side of the transport for telephony," said Southwell.

Operators also could use the GSLAM to handle traffic from a cable-modem termination system. "We can back-haul data traffic," Southwell said.

The new GSLAM costs about $25 per video stream, down slightly from the roughly $30 price of IP's current LightStack GigE box, Southwell said.

IP has deployed the technology with six MSOs, including Cablevision Systems Corp. Southwell said Cablevision has deployed 200 GigE connections throughout its New York-area system for VOD transport.

IP has equipment in 4 million VOD-cable digital homes, he said.

Southwell said the new GLSAM will allow operators with large headends — say 25,000 subscribers or more — to replace two boxes with the GLSAM unit. That gear stands nine rack units high, creating a savings in both cost and space.

The GSLAM includes service aggregation, layer one cross-connect, optional layer-23 switching and wave-division multiplexing.

The new technology also allows operators to insert new services onto fiber facilities without disrupting existing traffic, he said.