Intertainer to Launch Broadband VOD


Bypassing traditional cable pipelines to the home, broadband-content
provider Intertainer Inc. has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. to offer
video-on-demand service in the country's top 35 broadband markets.

Consumers in such markets as Los Angeles, New York, San
Francisco, Chicago and Boston with high-speed broadband connections of speeds of
at least 580 kilobits per second will be able to view more than 70,000 hours of
Intertainer-acquired content through the www.intertainer.Tv Web site.

Intertainer will charge $7.99 per month for access to content, as well as an
additional fee for new and library Hollywood titles, the company said.

Intertainer will utilize Microsoft's 'Windows Media Player' to deliver its
content to broadband users.

'Video-on-demand is the future of personal entertainment, offering viewers
unprecedented convenience, choice and control,' Intertainer CEO Jonathan Taplin
said in a prepared statement.

'With the industry-leading quality of Windows Media and MSN's unparalleled
reach, Intertainer is bringing America into that future with a pervasive, fun
and easy-to-use entertainment service,' he added.