INTX 2015: Arris Demos ‘Skinny TV’ Approach

Shows Bandwidth-Friendly 24-Channel Multicast System
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Taking aim at the emerging trend toward skinnier pay-TV bundles, Arris is using INTX to show off an IP multicast system that, it claims, is vastly more bandwidth-efficient than unicast streaming systems.

Arris said its 24-channel multicast streaming system can enable MSOs to deliver “Skinny TV” packages while also reducing traffic by a factor of 20, and avoiding “OTT bandwidth bloating” and still maintaining compatibility with connected CE devices.

The system being demonstrated by Arris uses multicast protocols, a technique that lets multiple viewers ride on the same stream, eliminating the need to carry a unique copy of every stream. A gateway performs the protocol translation to adaptive bit rate streaming protocols that are used by consumer devices.

Regarding bandwidth efficiency, Arris suggests that 3 Gbps of backbone and DOCSIS bandwidth is consumed if 500 homes are consuming streaming services at 6 Mbps.  Arris suggests that the same number of homes with multicast protocol would consume a mere 144 Mbps of bandwidth – a factor of 20 reduction.

Arris said its 24-Channel Streaming platform is comprised of several elements, including its E6000 CCAP, ME-7000 Transcoder, Multicast Controller, Multicast Server, SecureMedia DRM platform, and Spectrum Packager running in tandem with the Akamai Licensed content delivery network (Arris and Akamai announced an integration deal last week).