INTX 2015: Arris Ties in TiVo

Initial Integration Focused 6-Tuner DCX3635 Gateway
Arris-Tivo gateway 400x300.jpg

Arris and TiVo said they have struck an integration deal to bring the TiVo experience to Arris-made set-tops and video gateways.

The deal, which calls for the tying of TiVo software and cloud-based services with Arris boxes, will initially focus on the DCX3635 Video Gateway (pictured), an Arris-made device equipped with six video tuners, 1 terabyte of on-board storage (enough for about 150 hours of recorded HD video), an integrated DOCSIS 3.0 modem that can bond eight downstream channels, and the ability to transcode HD video for delivery to mobile devices.

They said the integration partnership “represents an ongoing collaboration” between the companies to provide service providers a variety of options for multiscreen video, TV everywhere and DVR applications and services.

Several MSOs, including GCI, Armstrong and Mediacom Communications, have been offering TiVo on Pace-made video gateways/set-tops.  Arris and U.K.-based Pace struck a $2.1 billion merger deal last month.

"We're partnering with ARRIS to give service providers a greater range of choices for delivering the award-winning TiVo experience," Tom Elam, VP and GM of TiVo's Service Provider Business, said in a statement. "Now, providers can choose ARRIS's innovative hardware to deliver the signature TiVo service for entertainment, anytime, anywhere, and across a variety of screens.”

"ARRIS is committed to offering service providers the best solutions for delivering the future of entertainment. Our partnership with TiVo is a great example of this," added Larry Robinson, president of Customer Premises Equipment at Arris.

"We are entering the third year of partnership with TiVo, and have a great appreciation of the value their platform brings to our customers," said John Pascarelli, EVP of operations for Mediacom . "Consumers have long benefited from the best-in-class technology solutions that ARRIS and TiVo have individually brought to the home entertainment business. We're excited about the innovative potential that the collaboration between these two companies will bring to the cable television marketplace."