INTX 2015: TiVo, UEI Expand Remote Control Deal

New Agreement Adds U.S., Canada to Supply Regions
Tivo remote 400x300.jpg

Universal Electronics Inc. has struck a new deal to supply TiVo’s iconic “peanut” remote to designated TiVo service provider customers in the U.S. and Canada, expanding on an earlier deal that covered European markets. 

Financial terms were not disclosed, but under the new deal, Universal Electronics will supply remote controls for designated TiVo-branded services throughout the U.S. and Canadian markets, which currently include service providers such as Mediacom Communications, RCN, and Suddenlink Communications, among others. 

The first TiVo-based remote control products manufactured by Universal Electronics are anticipated to begin shipping to U.S. and Canadian customers in July 2015, the companies said. 

The newest version of the TiVo remote bakes in support for ZigBee RF4CE, which removes line-of-sight requirements, making it ideal for in-cabinet setups. 

“This arrangement is very good for us both,” Thomas Elam, VP and GM of TiVo’s service provider business, said in a statement. “Universal Electronics has an excellent reputation in the Americas in delivering a high-quality product with efficiency and excellent customer service.  This supports our commitment to delivering the best TiVo experience.”

“Everyone recognizes the TiVo ‘peanut’ remote as a brand known for its quality and user experience leadership. UEI is proud to be able to supply TiVo remotes to TiVo’s U.S. and Canadian service providers,” added Paul Arling, chairman and CEO of Universal Electronics.