INTX 2016: Arris Takes VR For a Spin

Will also demo six HD IP video streams running on a single Ultra HD screen
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Arris (booth 1214) will be teeing up virtual reality and IP video demos at next week’s INTX confab in Boston that will be running of the company’s growing family of DOCSIS 3.1 modems and E6000 Converged Cable Access Platform. 

The VR demo will feature content from a NASCAR track and inside the Arris Racing team garage and the use of three, separate screens showing videos being downloaded and viewed simultaneously.  Arris aid the demo will show how multi-gigabit technology can “deliver a consumer-ready VR experience in under a minute.”

On the IPTV front, Arris said it will show how its networking technology can support six, simultaneous HD video streams on a single Ultra HD screen – with one primary channel and five others in smaller playing windows, noting that running six of these  HD streams into a single video device on a TV would typically require in the range of 26 Mbps to 72 Mbps.