INTX 2016: Comcast CTO Sees Growing Role for Machine Learning in System Ops - Multichannel

INTX 2016: Comcast CTO Sees Growing Role for Machine Learning in System Ops

Tony Werner says technology can quicken  X1’s app pace
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Boston -- “Machine learning” will pave the way to delivering better experiences including “how quickly we can put apps on the X1 platform,” Comcast EVP and chief technology officer Tony Werner explained here in an introductory overview at the Imagine Park opening session on Monday. 

He envisioned “a ton of very cool apps,” comparing the ability of DOCSIS 3.1 to replace “a backhoe or forklift” in implementing new services for cable operators.

“I love Full Duplex,” Werner enthused about a symmetrical multi-gigabit project underway at CableLabs and being demoed here by Nokia, before he scooted off stage to support other Comcast executives at the opening of their nearby booth on the INTX show floor. 

As fellow panelist and visionary Andy Lippman, senior scientist and Associate Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, showed his “Ultimate Media” project, Werner quickly noted that, “You don’t have all the online sources loving it.”  Werner cited the prioritization for certain news sources within the MIT algorithm.

For his part, Lippman envisioned a shifting media landscape in which TV networks assume the role that Hollywood studios have taken in the motion picture industry -- they become venture capital sources for creative producers.  He called it a re-invention of the broadcast industry. 

Lippman also emphasized the speed of change, citing the rapid move away from schedule programming to on-demand programming.