Invidi Teams Up With Nielsen on Targeted Advertising


Targeted advertising firm Invidi Technologies struck a deal with Nielsen Co. that will give the company demographic data that it can use for its Advatar addressable advertising system.

The multi-year, non-exclusive agreement will give Invidi data that it can use for targeted its advertising service, which the company said allows digital TV providers to “simultaneously deliver different ads to specific groups or even individuals based on their demographics, buying habits or personal preferences.”

Nielsen has stepped up its focus on measuring digital media in the last year, developing standardized ratings of TV commercials that enable clients to gauge the impact on commercial viewing of digital video recorders and other time-shifting technologies. 

The company also launched Nielsen DigitalPlus to work with set-top box data from cable TV operators and satellite TV providers.

“This relationship presents an enormous opportunity for both companies and the advertising industry across a wide array of real time and time-shifted media,” Invidei chief technology officer and chief operating officer Bruce J. Anderson said in Wednesday’s announcement.