iO Launches On-Screen Broadband Activation


Cablevision Systems Corp. iO: Interactive Optimum digital-cable subscribers can now order the MSO’s Optimum Online high-speed-data service with their remote controls by following on-screen prompts.

The operator said customers are guided through the order process and, upon confirmation, direct-shipped cable modems and self-installation guides, with no sales-representative contact necessary.

The on-screen purchase feature guides customers through the benefits of Optimum Online, frequently asked questions and system requirements. When they opt to continue the order process, Cablevision’s billing system automatically populates the TV screen with the proper name and mailing address, and the customer has the option of confirming the subscription at the promotional self-install rate of $29.95 per month for the first six months. The operator will then process the order and ship the customer a self-installation modem kit free of charge.

If customers opt for professional installation, they are provided with a toll-free telephone number to complete the order and arrange for an install.

“We believe that giving our digital-cable customers the ability to order our broadband service through the television breaks new ground for the industry and has the potential of becoming a terrific new sales channel for Optimum Online,” Cablevision senior vice president of consumer-product management and marketing Patricia Gottesman said in a prepared statement.

“Tens of thousands of iO customers have already used the availability of on-screen upgrades to order additional video services like games, subscription video-on-demand and seasonal sports packages, and we are excited to extend this powerful tool to our award-winning broadband service, as well,” she added.