IP, Concurrent Complete Integration Work


Internet Photonics Inc. announced that it has completed integration of its
10-gigabit dense-wave-division-multiplex system with Concurrent Computer Corp.'s
video-on-demand server, which will allow MSOs to widen their pipes to deliver
VOD and interactive services.

IP's 'LightStack MX,' which produces a 10-GB DWDM transport stream, was fed
into a Harmonic Inc. gigabit Ethernet QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)
modulator. The signal emanated from a Concurrent VOD server.

IP said each LightStack can be stacked to connect to up to 256 Concurrent
'MediaHawk' servers over a single pair of fibers to remote headends or
distribution hubs.

The integration will allow MSOs to deploy VOD faster, the two vendors said,
and provide greater bandwidth for everything-on-demand services at a lower