IP-Video Rights Soar to Eagle


Eagle Broadband Inc. said Wednesday that it has secured standard-definition and HD Internet-protocol video-content-distribution rights with leading broadcasters, movie studios and content providers for first-run movies and more than 200 cable and broadcast channels.

The company said the ability to provide a complete "four-play" suite of voice, video, data and security bundled digital services in all-IP format -- along with IP-video content, HDTV-ready IP set-top boxes and 24/7 support -- will allow it to deliver a converged set of fully integrated broadband services over a single IP network that can provide higher-quality video at a lower cost, generate higher-margin revenues and increase customer satisfaction.

"In the digital era, content is king," Eagle chairman and CEO Dave Weisman said in a prepared statement. "With these new IP-video-content rights, Eagle can now deliver a wider range of fully customizable broadband services and even greater value to both new and existing broadband customers and partners.”

Eagle vice president of broadband-services sales Todd Daniels added, “Our customers and partners will benefit greatly from our ability to deliver a turnkey, end-to-end video solution with a rich variety of video services over their existing IP-based networks.”