IPR to Offer Instant Event, Movie Buy-Rates


Cable operators and pay-per-view distributors will be able
to receive next-day event and movie buy-rate results through a new electronic PPV meter.

New Jersey-based Instant PPV Reports -- a new joint venture
between Cabil Corp. and PPV Reporting Services -- can provide accurate, electronically
metered PPV results from individual cable systems on a overnight, weekly, monthly or
pre-event basis, said Leonard Sabal, president of Cabil and general manager of IPR.

The reports are generated by meters installed at systems'
headends that invisibly track all one-way, two-way, impulse or digital systems, he said.

The reports can be delivered to systems or event
distributors overnight, or they can be tracked on a pre-event basis as they occur on an
hourly, daily or other time basis.

"We expect that systems will recognize and realize the
benefits of getting event information and movie information quickly and accurately,"
Sabal said. "Armed with such information, studios, distributors or operators can then
make informed decisions as to strategic promotions, pricing and other key marketing

While implementation of the PPV meter and its accompanying
software is free, Sabal would not reveal how much operators or distributors would pay for
the reports. He did say, however, that IPR would offer different levels of pricing
depending on the frequency and depth of the reports.

"Prospective affiliates will be able to obtain a wide
range of timely and accurate information for an extremely reasonable cost, typically in
the range of a single postage stamp per addressable subscriber, per year," Sabal

IPR has yet to sign any cable operators or distributors,
but Sabal said several deals were in the works at press time. Sources familiar with the
deal said Turner Sports' World Championship Wrestling unit was close to signing an