Iraq to Expel U.S. Journalists


If the United States does attack Iraq, few American journalists may be there
to report on it.

The Iraqi government plans to expel all foreign journalists from the country
next week, Cable News Network reported.

The network said Iraqi officials were miffed about a CNN report on an
anti-government demonstration outside the Iraqi Information Ministry in Baghdad
earlier this week, claiming, 'CNN lied when it reported that Iraqi authorities
fired one or more guns into the air to disperse the protesters.'

The network reported that Iraq plans new restrictions that would allow only
one non-Iraqi journalist per news organization inside the country, and that
'each visiting journalist will be permitted to remain in Iraq for a maximum of
10 days at a time.'

CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan insisted that the network's reporting
in Iraq was accurate.

'While CNN remains committed to reporting to the extent possible from Iraq,
CNN will not compromise its journalistic principles in exchange for CNN access
to any country,' Jordan said.