Irene's Wake: Record Nielsen, Digital Numbers For Weather Channel


With Hurricane Irene imperiling an estimated 65 million along the Eastern Seaboard, people watched The Weather Channel in record numbers this past weekend.

On Saturday Aug. 27, the day the storm made landfall, The Weather Channel averaged a record 2.45 million viewers on a total-day basis, according to Nielsen data. That delivery surpassed the 2.27 million on Aug. 28, 2005, the day before Katrina made landfall and began wreaking her destruction on New Orleans and the Gulf.

During its peak in the 11:30 p.m. quarter hour Saturday, The Weather Channel garnered more than 4 million viewers, said network officials. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Aug. 27, Weather was watched by 3.3 million people on average.

Weather Channel's Jim Cantore

Included in that Saturday total-day measure were an ad-supported-cable-best 1.04 million persons 25 to 54.

On Sunday Aug. 28, as Irene, downgraded to a tropical storm, made her way through the Mid-Atlantic states into New England, the service averaged 1.29 million viewers, including 510,000 of the aforementioned demo.

For the week Aug. 22-28, The Weather Channel averaged 441,000 25-to-54 viewers on a total-day basis, ranking fifth among ad-supported cable networks for the span, according to Nielsen.

On the digital side, Americans were also checking Weather regularly. recorded 98.9 million, 103.4 million, 87.1 million and 51 million page views from Aug. 25-28, respectively. Those counts were driven by 16.2 million, 16.7 million, 14 million and 10.2 million unique visitors on the aforementioned days.

The site set its all-time video streaming marks with 12 million on Friday and 12.9 million on Saturday. Tack on another 7.99 million on Sunday and recorded three of its top four streaming days in its history, according to TWC officials.

As for Weather's iPad app, it recorded all-time best among page views (5.26 million), uniques (759,157) and video streams (1.57 million) on Aug. 27.