ISP Channel Signs with News Press Gazette


Mountain View, Calif. -- MediaCity's ISP Channel, a
start-up provider of turnkey high-speed-data systems for small to midsized cable
operators, last week signed with MSO News Press Gazette for service in up to seven of its
systems in Arizona, California and Missouri.

News Press Gazette serves about 100,000 homes in those
three states.

Jeff Adler, regional manager for the MSO, said in a
prepared statement that ISP Channel's 'unique, no-cost solution allows us to
focus on our core video-entertainment business, while moving forward with the introduction
of broadband Internet access.'

Ian Aaron, president of ISP Channel, said, 'New
activity from the telcos with xDSL [digital subscriber line] and announcements from
Megabit Modem [supported by Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp., among
others] signal a need for urgency by any operator interested in broadband services.

'Competition is closing in,' he said.

ISP Channel offers headend integration, Internet-backbone
connectivity, co-branded Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communications Corp.
Communicator software and co-branded local and national content from Excite Inc. ISP
Channel subscribers receive broadband access at speeds from 1 megabit per second to 27
mbps, at prices starting at $49 per month.