It’s Show Time


After this year’s Cable Show, what happened in Las Vegas isn’t likely to stay there.

While the multichannel television industry is arguably stronger than it has been in years, cable operators can’t afford to coast. They face competition not just from telephone companies, but from video on computer screens and handheld devices as well.

The goal? To be the dominant video supplier. The trick? How to make as much money or more as before. It’s no longer clear what customers will pay for.

“We have done a good job of getting our content onto all of these new platforms but as an industry we are just learning how to monetize it,” Comcast Entertainment Group CEO Ted Harbert said.

To determine how the rest of the year is likely to shape up, Multichannel News interviewed a dozen industry executives. From operators and programmers to regulatory experts and technologists, new competitors, new business models and new platforms were on the short list of challenges facing the industry.

And once again, this is being touted as the year when still-to-be-defined services based on the OpenCable Applications Platform come to life.