Itaas iPad App Taps Into Clearleap's VOD

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Interactive TV developer Itaas has created an iPad app for navigating and viewing streaming video content delivered by Clearleap's Web-based video-on-demand platform.

Clearleap's Stream On Demand solution lets TV operators deliver an IP-based video service to tablets, Internet-connected set-tops and other devices, via a set of application programming interfaces designed to speed up development.

The two companies plan to demo cable TV applications on an iPad at the 2011 Cable Show in Chicago June 14-16.

According to the companies, the IP video services and apps are targeted to smaller and midsize MSOs that want to deliver on-demand video to multiple devices. While larger operators like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems have debuted video apps for iPads and other devices, other MSOs do not have the same resources.

"TV operators want both turnkey applications and the flexibility to completely customize the look and feel of the user interface," Clearleap CEO Braxton Jarratt said in a statement. "Stream On Demand gives operators the best of both worlds: rapid deployment and complete control over how the content is experienced."

Clearleap's APIs are designed to let application developers focus on the user experience while Clearleap manages provisioning, billing, authentication, security, parental controls and PIN management across devices.

"Connecting existing service provider systems with new devices such as an iPad with the Clearleap Stream On Demand solution is an example of how we enable our customers to extend their digital video delivery capabilities," Itaas chief technology officer Jatin Desai said.

Clearleap's customers include Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast's Houston division, Mediacom Communications and Bresnan Communications (now part of Cablevision). Investors in Duluth, Ga.-based Clearleap, founded in 2008, include Noro-Mosely Partners, Trinity Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank.