Itaas Upgraded VOD Monitoring Tool Adds Motorola Support


Interactive TV software and services firm Itaas released a new version of its Event Collection System (ECS), originally designed for cable systems with Cisco Systems headends, that supports Motorola networks.

ECS, which been deployed in more than 30 systems in North America, monitors operational performance of VOD system components and subscriber-session data to identify and resolve problems. The latest version also features an updated user interface and improved reporting capabilities.

The software collects information about each VOD session attempt from session resource managers (SRMs), business management system (BMSs), video servers and video application servers, as well as set-top boxes in both Motorola and Cisco headend environments.

"VOD performance is critical in light of the increasing pressure from [over-the-top] content providers and the potential of increased VOD usage through the enhanced search and discovery capability of tablets," Itaas president and CEO Vibha Rustagi said.