It's 'Access' Mall for N Push


The N, Nickelodeon's nighttime diginet for teens, is backing the New Year's Eve launch of its Real Access interactive entertainment magazine program with a five-city mall tour.

Part of a seven-figure outlay behind the debut of Real Access, the mall tour features a pair of stops in each market that began this weekend in shopping venues in Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Facilities in New York and the Denver DMA, as well as return engagements to the aforementioned markets, are also on the weekend itinerary this month.

Real Access, hosted by actress/singer Lauren Mayhew (American Dreams), will debut with an hour-long special titled Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004, on Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. The special will repeat throughout New Year's Eve.

Beginning Jan. 2, Real Access will air regularly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. (ET) on The N. The 13-episode series is developed by Access Entertainment News Productions, the producers of Access Hollywood.

Produced by marketing firm Mr. Youth, the tour features a number of interactive components, including: "The Real Access Studio," in which visitors can play on-air host by interviewing celebrity look-a-likes before a live camera, and then review their performance on a Web site; and "The Pamper Room," where visitors and shoppers can receive a massage, have their hair coifed, or face made up. Shoppers can also answer celebrity trivia questions to win prizes.

Angela Leaney, vice president of brand communications for Noggin/The N, said the strategy behind the mall tour is an elemental one.

"We want to make The N famous in local markets. By branding the network off channel, teens will know to ask for us as digital rolls into their area," she said.

In addition to the mall tour and on-air support, Leaney said the network is highlighting the debut of Real Access with teen-skewing cable schedules, including MTV: Music Television, ABC Family and Black Entertainment Television in the five mall markets, as well as Boston and Atlanta. The N has also made a national buy on DirecTV Inc., while print ads can be found in Teen People, YM, Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Cosmo Girl, among others.