ITU: PP-14 Will Be Open, Transparent

Working Through Issues of What Documents to Make Open
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ITU Secretary General Dr. Hamadoun Touré has received and is considering a request by Public Knowledge and other civil society groups to make more documents and sessions available to outside groups at the upcoming Plenipotentiary conference (PP-14) in Busan, South Korea from Oct. 20-Nov. 7. That is a quadrennial conference at which international telecommunications policy is reviewed and set.

That is according to Sarah Parkes, chief of media and public information for the conference, on a conference call with reporters Monday.

The groups wrote to Secretary General Touré asking him to provide more access to plenary and committee sessions.

"We encourage the ITU to openly share its documents and procedures with the public," they said. "Opening the Committee Sessions for observers, organizing regular briefings and creating an online public contribution platform to host documents, information and commentary will help organizations inform the public of ITU policies affecting our digital rights."

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