iTunes Scores Major League Programs

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Apple cut a deal with Major League Baseball to sell video highlights for the 2007 season through its iTunes Store.

The league said the MLB video on iTunes will include a daily 25-minute Daily Rewind highlight show and two weekly games of the week, which will feature full versions of the best games from the National League and American League.

Apple said it will charge $1.99 for the Daily Rewind and Game of the Week programs -- the same price it charges for other TV shows on iTunes, including programs from CBS, ABC, Fox, A&E Network, Discovery Channel and several other networks.

The league will also sell $1.99 Baseball’s Best programs on iTunes, which will showcase classic baseball games.

And it will sell $7.99 weekly passes for Daily Rewind and a $19.99 season pass for every Game of the Week.

With opening day of the 2007 MLB season Monday, iTunes is offering a free 2007 Season Preview show.