ITVN Offers Free IPTV Set-Tops


Interactive Television Networks Inc. came up with a unique way to promote its XTV Networks adult service.

The company said Friday that it will offer up to 5,000 Internet-protocol-TV set-top boxes free-of-charge to consumers nationwide, with15-day free subscriptions to XTV included.

ITVN said consumers can connect the boxes to their existing home-broadband digital-subscriber-line or cable-modem routers or wireless local-area networks and to their TV sets though standard video connectors, with no need for PCs or additional hardware.

The company added that once the free XTV trial expires, basic subscriptions are available for $29.95 per month with no long-term obligations.

“ITVN has achieved an outstanding value proposition for consumers, offering not only state-of-the-art user-friendly technology, but content delivered in a compelling format at an unbeatable price," CEO Charles Prast said in a prepared statement.

"With the price of home broadband at ever lower levels, consumers are able now to use the Web to deliver compelling content and true interactivity to their entertainment appliance of choice, the television set,” he added.