Jane Root

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TITLE: Executive Vice President, General Manager, Discovery Channel U.S.

WHY WE'RE WATCHING: She made the jump across the pond last June. Discovery U.S. head Billy Campbell is hoping that some of her programming magic is in tow from BBC2 because Discovery's flagship could use a lift: primetime household ratings fell 10% to a 0.9 average last year.

SCORE ON 2004: “Moving to America to take over Discovery Channel in June. Prior to coming to Discovery, BBC2 won Channel of the Year in the U.K. for the second time in a row. It was also pretty fun to see The Office [which premiered on BBC2] win all those Golden Globes for BBC America.”

WHAT'S NEXT: “I want to make Discovery the 'must-watch' place for innovative new style programming, starting with Greatest American — where the whole country will have an opportunity to vote on who they see as the American that embodies the qualities of what this nation represents. This year is growth time for Discovery Channel and also, I hope, for my first baby, due in February.”

DRIVE IN 2005: “Ideas that burst out of the box that no one's ever seen before — especially ones with more emotion and adrenaline than you might have seen on Discovery in the past. I really want to build on Discovery's reputation as a great place to work, with a network culture that really nurtures creativity.”

EXECUTIVE EVOLUTION: “The only two corporate cultures I've worked in — the BBC and Discovery — have a ton of strong women doing big jobs, so the glass ceiling is just an unpleasant rumor, as far as my own working life. Before that I worked for myself, as a founding partner in Wall to Wall (Frontier House, Smallpox) and it didn't count there either.”

AT HOME, AT PLAY: “Moving from one continent to another, you find that you are spending more time buying a house, filling it up with things that you never thought possible … and always finding time to watch television.”