Japan Quake Leaves U.S. Production Community Facing Shortages, Price Hikes


The tragic 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan are beginning to have an impact on professional products for the TV and production industries.

Some distributors are telling clients they may face shortages in tapes widely used in TV production and other analysts predicting both shortages in electronic components and price hikes in equipment in upcoming months.

One immediate issue was the damage to a Sony plant in the Sendai region in the earthquake zone that was a major producer of tapes and professional products and the shutdown of another Sony plant because of power outages.

As a result, at least two distributors -- Comtel Pro Media in Burbank California and Tape Resources in Virginia Beach -- were predicting shortages of Sony HDCam SR, and other recording media widely used in TV production.

Some outlets were also restricting sales of HDCam SR tapes, which is often used as a master recording media for primetime TV production because of its high quality.

"Our industry has already been affected by a halt in media manufacturing operations - professional media supply shortages are evident, namely HDCam SR," explained a post on the Comtel Pro Media website. "Worldwide stock shortages present a realistic threat to our industry and the immediate needs of the television and motion picture production."

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