Jokerst Hops On the Broadbus


Video-on-demand-server vendor Broadbus Technologies Inc. has increased its
cable-industry profile, hiring former Charter Communications Inc. executive Tom
Jokerst as its chief technology officer.

Broadbus is one of a handful of new server vendors in the VOD space, pitching
a concept in which storage and streaming are separate functions. This would
allow MSOs to stream content while simultaneously ingesting large amounts of it
-- a direction in which the Boxborough, Mass.-based company believes VOD is

The addition of Jokerst, Charter's former CTO, should buttress Broadbus'

"The value I add is my knowledge of the business and how operators think
about things -- when they make buying decisions, understanding budget cycles and
what it takes to get comfortable with the technology," he said.

Jokerst, an engineer, has spent time as a Broadbus technical adviser over the
past year, and he has helped to shape the company's