Jones Targets Cables DNA


Chicago -- Nearly one year after he cashed out of
cable-system ownership, Glenn Jones, former chairman of Jones Intercable Inc., outlined
his plans to focus completely on giving back to the industry through his new venture, is the holding company for Jones
International University, which its founder claims is the first
"built-for-cyberspace" accredited institution with a curriculum already up and

JIU offers a curriculum geared primarily toward
customer-service representatives at cable operators, and it will offer customized programs
on a corporate basis.

Jones explained how a certificate from his school would be
portable as people move from one operator to the next. JIU will maintain transcripts so
that cable companies will be able to track the skill levels of prospective employees.

"With all of the convergence and consolidation going
on, the DNA of this revolution in our industry has to be addressed, and that DNA is the
work force," proclaimed Jones.

Jones noted that CSRs will need to have a greater level of
versatility to succeed in the changing environment, as they'll be required to handle
cable, telephony and the Internet.

"This congealed, morphed industry is going to be a
customized industry," he added.