Joost Goes to Level 3


Internet-TV startup Joost signed a deal with Level 3 Communications for network services including high-speed-Internet access and colocation services in North America and Europe.

The deal demonstrated that Joost needs perhaps considerably more bandwidth to reliably support its Internet-based video-on-demand service than its peer-to-peer architecture can provide. Joost, unlike most other traditional video-streaming services on the Web, relies on individual users’ machines to transmit bits of video to other users who request the same program.

Using Level 3’s Internet bandwidth, according to the two companies, “enables Joost to bring its service closer to end-users.” Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Level 3's unparalleled global infrastructure and extensive local connectivity make them a logical network partner for Joost,” Joost chief strategy officer Fredrik de Wahl said in a prepared statement. “We have developed the next generation of television for viewers, content owners and advertisers on a global scale, and we are confident that the Level 3 network, with its ability to scale and the quality it delivers, can support our growth well into the future.”

Broomfield, Colo.-based Level 3 claims to operate one of the world's largest Internet-protocol backbones, with connectivity in 175 markets.