Jornadas Changes Tack

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Buenos Aires, Argentina -- ATVC, the country's
national cable association, announced last week that it will hold its annual industry
confab, Jornadas, in October next year -- much later in the year than usual.

What's more, ATVC is combining Jornadas -- the largest
cable trade show in Latin America -- with another Argentine confab, Caper, which generally
attracts the equipment side of the TV business.

The dual event, which takes place Oct. 16 through 19, will
be known as "Jornadas Cable 2000/Caper 2000."

It's no coincidence that their new alliance comes at a
time when the traditional organizers of Jornadas' exhibition area, Inforexco Trade
Shows International, has decided to break away from ATVC in order to launch a rival cable
event of its own. Inforexco's new event, known as "Open Show," will be held
Sept. 12 through 17.

Inforexco is hoping to capitalize on growing industry
dissatisfaction with Jornadas, which has faced falling attendance in recent years, largely
due to fierce ownership consolidation within the industry. But this raises the question of
whether such a consolidated industry can support two shows.