Judiciary Violence Hearing Witnesses Set

No Media Reps, but Entertainment Violence Issue Could Still Surface
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The Senate Judiciary Committee's Jan. 30 hearing on what to do about gun violence will not include any witnesses from the media, according to a list of participants, but media violence could still be on the table.

The witnesses include Captain Mark Kelly, USN (Ret.), husband of former congresswoman and gun violence victim Gabby Giffords; NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre; Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson; attorney Gayle Trotter; and Fordham law professor Nicholas Johnson (not to be confused with the former FCC commissioner of the same name who is also a law professor, but at the University of Iowa).

But given that the committee has partial jurisdiction over the FCC, and a signal from a committee staffer last week that it would be a broad inquiry, the hearing still bears watching in media circles.