Judiciary Violence Hearing Witnesses Set

No Media Reps, but Entertainment Violence Issue Could Still Surface

The Senate Judiciary Committee's Jan. 30 hearing on what to do about gun violence will not include any witnesses from the media, according to a list of participants, but media violence could still be on the table.

The witnesses include Captain Mark Kelly, USN (Ret.), husband of former congresswoman and gun violence victim Gabby Giffords; NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre; Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson; attorney Gayle Trotter; and Fordham law professor Nicholas Johnson (not to be confused with the former FCC commissioner of the same name who is also a law professor, but at the University of Iowa).

But given that the committee has partial jurisdiction over the FCC, and a signal from a committee staffer last week that it would be a broad inquiry, the hearing still bears watching in media circles.