Juniper to Display PacketCable Wares


Proffering its SDX-300 service-deployment system for PacketCable Multimedia applications, Juniper Networks will showcase the product suite, plus its new 10-Gigabit Ethernet router, at The National Show in San Francisco this week.

The SDX-300 is designed to provide quality-of-service for dynamic bandwidth-management to applications on the PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) platform, which could range from tiered data offerings, to online gaming, video telephony and streaming audio or video.

“We’re focused on the policy server, application manager and record keeping-functions,” said Jeff Bradley, SDX cable-product manager for Juniper.

The system already has been deployed with more than 40 service providers around the world for the types of multimedia applications envisioned with PCMM, he said.

While PCMM is focused on the radio-frequency portion of the network — basically from the CMTS to the subscriber’s home — “SDX will support the DOCSIS and IP component,” he said. “It will be able to provision the CMTS.”

Juniper has already begun integration with various vendors, including Arris and Motorola. On the application side, it’s integrated with Exent Technologies, which supplies gaming content; video conferencing company Polycom; and Real Networks, for streaming media.

Bradley said the company will send the SDX to CableLabs to go through PCMM certification later this year.

The software application is designed to provide a quality experience for subscribers, he said, which means quick downloads for PC games and the elimination of jitter and latency on videoconference calls.

Juniper also will debut a new 10 Gigabit DWDM router capable of handling 45 wavelengths on a single device. It also is supplying software that allows operators to add incremental wavelengths. Today, MSOs have to buy new line cards to add wavelengths, said Matt Kolon, senior solutions manager.

Juniper hopes the new products will give it a greater foothold in cable. The $1.3 billion company is best known for its virtual private network, firewall, broadband-aggregation and router products. Cox Business Services has been one its principal cable customers to date.