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Spike TV Shifts TNA To Primetime Lineup

New York — After losing World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw series last fall, Spike TV will once again feature pro wrestling in primetime when the network moves its Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling series to Thursday nights, beginning in April.

TNA, which currently airs Saturday nights at 11 p.m. will move to 9 p.m. on Thursdays beginning April 13, according to Kevin Kay, executive vice president of programming and production. Kay believes the move will help the show increase its 0.8 ratings to at least a 1.0 rating.

TNA will join Spike’s reality series Ultimate Fighter (pictured), which will move from Mondays to Thursdays at 11 p.m.

Bush Taps McDowell for FCC

Washington — President Bush on Friday moved to end the partisan gridlock at the Federal Communications Commission by nominating Washington, D.C. attorney Robert McDowell to fill the third GOP seat at the five-member agency.

Bush announced his intention in a statement released on the White House’s Web site. McDowell has to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee and requires Senate confirmation in order to assume a place at the FCC.

Speed Alum to Indians Net

Cleveland — Cable veteran Jim Liberatore has been named president of the new sports entertainment company that holds the rights to Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball games.

Liberatore, most recently the head of Speed Channel, will oversee the entire operation, with his first priority to gain carriage for the yet unnamed service.