Kailbourne's L.A. Story


Interim Adelphia Communications Corp. CEO Erkie Kailbourne is making personal
visits to cable regulators in Southern California in a bid to reassure them that
the MSO's bankruptcy won't disrupt service.

The visits are necessary: Regulators claimed that there is a 'crisis of
confidence' in the MSO.

Those who received Adelphia officials said questions regarding local
operations were 'adequate' for the time being.

The CEO met Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills with the region's most vocal
critic, Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. His spokeswoman said the
meeting was cordial, and Adelphia promised to pay its quarterly $1.7 million
franchise-fee payment before July 31.

'But we still have no check,' spokeswoman Ana Garcia added. 'Nothing has been
taken off the table.'

Adelphia also published ads in local papers, signed by Kailbourne, vowing
uninterrupted service and a rededication to efforts to bring expanded
programming and cable-modem service to the area.