Kaplan Out at MSNBC

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After less than three years on the job, MSNBC president Rick Kaplan resigned Wednesday.

The decision for Kaplan -- a former CNN president -- to exit was reportedly mutual.

“Rick has done a good job … stabilizing the place and putting it in a good position,” NBC News president Steve Capus told The Washington Post. “It’s time to push … and grow the channel in a way it hasn’t to date.”

MSNBC covered the news of Kaplan’s exit Thursday morning during its Imus in the Morning show.

“We’re covering this huge story this morning, the termination of [Iraqi al Qaeda leader] Al Zarqawi and of Rick Kaplan,” host Don Imus said on the show. “Fortunately, Mr. Kaplan was not blown up or shoved out the 52nd-floor window over there at 30 Rock [NBC headquarters at Rockefeller Center in New York].”