Kasenna Adds Lines

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Kasenna Media has developed two new software product lines, vFusion and vForge, to help broadband operators to scale their video-on-demand systems and link devices with middleware-type applications.

Kasenna has one cable client, Mid-Hudson Cable, and vendor vice president of marketing Greg Carter said he expects another MSO signing in the next several months.

Kasenna has made greater headway selling servers in the telco, business and education markets.

It’s inked deals with SureWest Communications, SaskTel and Italian operator Fastweb.

“The new software product brings servers together,” Carter said. “It’s scalable, flexible and profitable for operators.”

VFusion may find its first home in telco deployments.

It’s designed to tie intelligent asset and metadata management, content caching and propagation, centralized cluster management and content delivery management together, Carter said.

The software, for instance, will allow operators to replace old movie trailers with new trailers, dynamically, he said. It can also move titles around on the system based on popularity, Carter said.

VForge is designed as middleware for telcos, to tie digital broadcast, movies on demand, digital video recordings and games on demand altogether.

VForge will allow broadband operators to lower integration costs for new applications, and to change applications more easily. VFusion allows operators to manage VOD assets with fewer engineers and provide customers with a better experience through network monitoring.

Carter said Kasenna deployed more than 4,000 servers in 2003, and close to 7,000 overall.