Kenan Set to Bow Broadband Billing Product


Cambridge, Mass. -- Kenan Systems Corp., a new face in the
information-management field, is set to announce its development of billing products with
improved features across broadband services today (Sept. 28).

The company's previous release, "Arbor/BP,"
was developed in concert with Canada's Le Groupe Videotron Ltee. Kenan also captured
the business of high-speed Internet provider @Home Network.

The latest release, "Arbor/Broadband," features
improvements across all modules (mobile and wireline telephony, Internet, data, video)
compared with the earlier product, according to Jim McCann, Kenan's
market-development manager.

The broadband application improves on the core billing and
routing engine. Among the enhanced features are addressing (determining whether a caller
can be served by the video, data or telephony product that the person desires); inventory
of related hardware for all product lines; activation to multiple enabling devices;
management of the pay-per-view process; and work-force-management integration.

"We're finding that companies are at the point in
their cycles where they need to add services in order to add revenue per customer,"
McCann said. Current billing technology is good, but single-product-specific. The new
Arbor enhancements allow for usage-based pricing and linking of products for discounting,
for instance.

Kenan, based here, began as a consultancy, but it now
provides billing solutions throughout the world for companies including AT&T Corp.,
British Telecommunications plc, PageNet and WorldCom.

McCann said Kenan has contracted with a top 20 domestic MSO
to provide a billing solution across its universe. The company declined to be identified
until the installation, which is currently under way, is completed. A top Latin American
company should also join the roster, he said.

McCann added that the company will not demonstrate the
product at the upcoming Atlantic Show: Its trade-show debut will be in December, at the
Western Show.