Kennard: Africa Needs Telecom Alternatives


Washington -- The United States must do all that it can to
"connect the globe" by expanding the telecommunication capacities of developing
nations, Federal Communications Commission chairman William Kennard urged.

Kennard, who traveled to Africa in August to kick off an
international-development initiative, said his push for universal telecommunications
services in the region was a success.

"Telecommunications is one of the key building blocks
of economic development," he said during a briefing here Aug. 31. "You cannot
have a first-rate economy if you don't have a top-notch telecommunications

Kennard said it was a pivotal time for telecommunications
regulators in Africa. Developing nations must expand their infrastructures and adapt their
regulatory models to meet the competitive demands of the global economy, he added.

One approach, Kennard said, would be to make sure that
Africans have choices in selecting their telecommunications providers.

States News Service