Kennard: Digital Rollout Inevitable


New York -- Federal Communications Commission chairman
William Kennard Tuesday contradicted industry reports claiming that digital and
high-definition television are in danger of being declared "dead on arrival."

"The transition to digital TV is inevitable,"
Kennard said at a luncheon here, sponsored by the International Radio and Television
Society, adding that the pace of the transition will be decided by the public sector, and
not by the government.

Kennard said the government should not set up the
transition to digital-broadcast television by setting false expectations and false

The FCC will issue a consumer bulletin on digital TV
designed to answer common questions, such as whether the new televisions will work over
cable, Kennard said.

The governmental hands-off policy may even apply to digital
must-carry, Kennard hinted, adding that the topic deserves to be addressed within the next
few months.