Kimora Has Style


Stylewill debut reality series Kimora, featuring model-entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons, this summer.

Simmons made "phat" a household word through her fashion house, Baby Phat, the multimillion-dollar enterprise she runs. Baby Phat, sister company to Phat Farm, started as a spinoff clothing line and, under the watchful eye of Simmons, it has grown into a global brand that now includes cosmetics, fragrances, home goods, jewelry and even diamond-encrusted electronics.

The show will depict Simmons’ life with her two daughters, seven year-old Ming Lee and four year-old Aoki Lee, and incorporate visits to the family's New Jersey estate, where life is often hectic for a woman who must balance her dedication to the girls with philanthropic and social commitments.

Born in St. Louis to a Japanese mother and African-American father, Simmons took the modeling industry by storm at age 13 when fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked her to model for Chanel in Paris.

The series was developed for Style by Elaine Brooks. Steve Cantor (Stick Figure Productions) and Carmen Mitcho (E! Networks) will executive-produce the series.