Kit Turns PCs Into TiVo DVRs


TiVo fans will be able to turn their personal computers into TiVo digital video recorders, using a $199 package developed by German multimedia software company Nero.

The Nero LiquidTV-TiVo PC kit includes software for Windows XP and Vista that replicates the TiVo DVR interface, as well as a remote control and a USB-based TV tuner from Hauppauge Computer Works to receive over-the-air or cable programming.

TiVo last November announced the deal with Nero to co-develop the software. Nero president Richard Carriere said the company has a revenue-sharing agreement with TiVo for the new product.

“We implemented their specs—this looks exactly like a TiVo,” Carriere said.

The software includes some PC-specific features, such as the ability to click on screen elements with the mouse cursor and to type into the search bar using the computer’s keyboard.

Nero LiquidTV-TiVo PC lets viewers watch and pause live TV on their desktop, record their favorite shows directly to their hard drive, transfer shows between computers and existing TiVo DVRs in the home, burn recordings to DVD, or export them to portable devices like an Apple iPod or Sony PlayStation Portable.

The $199 list price includes a one-year subscription to the TiVo service, which includes such features as WishList searches, Season Pass recordings, TiVo KidZone, and TiVo Suggestions.

In addition, Nero this week is introducing Move it, which allows users to convert music, videos and photos from one file format to another for use across a broad range of portable devices. The software, with a suggested retail price of $49.99, currently supports more than 120 devices.

Nero is based in Karlsbad, Germany, with U.S. headquarters in Glendale, Calif.