Klein to Leave Viewers Choice


Amid a wave of executive changes at Viewer's Choice,
Michael Klein, the network's longtime senior vice president of programming, announced
his resignation last week.

Klein, who will leave at month's end to pursue other
interests, was one of the few executives left from the Viewer's Choice regime that
was in place prior to current network president Mindy Herman's arrival earlier this

He oversaw the network's PPV movie and event deals,
and negotiated the industry's top revenue-generating PPV events of all time.

Klein initially reported to Herman, but last month began
reporting to recently named Viewer's Choice executive vice president of entertainment
Barry Sonnenberg.

Herman hired Sonnenberg to head the new In Demand
Entertainment division a month ago. The new unit is expected to develop original content
for PPV, ranging from made-for-PPV movies to concerts and other events.

"I decided that now is a good time to take the
opportunity to explore new things and opportunities," Klein said. "The new
regime has taken over and they have a lot of good things going on."

Viewer's Choice representatives could not be reached
for comment on the matter.

Since her appointment in January, Herman has been very
aggressive in bring in her own team of key executives. Along with Sonnenberg, Herman has
hired former Fox Network executives Gavin Harvey as senior vice president of marketing and
brand director. Also coming on board was former DirecTV Inc. executive Robert Jacobson as
senior vice president of distribution and product development.