Koppel Puts Lens On China

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Ted Koppel will take a look at modern-day China for Discovery Channel next month.

Koppel on Discovery: The People’s Republic of Capitalism is to debut July 9 and continue through July 12. The four-part investigative series will document the calamitous earthquake in Sichuan province, the Beijing Olympics and the tribulations with the Chinese government.

In the series, Koppel and his team uncover the effects of capitalism on the China and the U.S.’s relationship with Earth’s most populous nation. American and Chinese economics, the central government and the population of Chongqing, along with the problems of political freedom, religion and values, will be examined. Koppel and crew observe Chinese culture as residents move forward from bicycles to cars, as the government plans to add new highways, and improve the society.

In the final entry, Koppel assesses the downsides of the new economic system, pollution problems, and human rights issues.