Kraft, @Home Team Up


Redwood City, Calif. -- High-speed-data service @Home
Network sold Kraft Foods on adapting its "Holiday Flavors of Kraft" broadcast
television/print advertising campaign to the Internet for a special year-end broadband

The @Home buy, which ran from before Christmas through
year's end, enabled Kraft to integrate video, sound and interactivity in its ads.

The ads were linked to the "Kraft Interactive
Kitchen," so that @Home subscribers could get recipes from the advertiser's
"Holiday Helper" page on that Web site, said Kathy Riordan, director of media
planning and new technologies at Kraft.

Kraft and ad agency Modern Media. Poppe Tyson featured the
same family that appeared in their TV commercials, but in a photo-album format on @Home.

"We'd need to evaluate it once it's
over" to determine whether Kraft would do more such campaigns in 1999, a Kraft
spokeswoman said last week. Although officials at Kraft and @Home were unavailable at
press time for additional details, this was yet another step by the advertiser toward
addressable advertising.

Early in 1998, Kraft signed a spot-cable deal with
Tele-Communications Inc. that eventually will lead to household addressability for its
commercials. TCI Net is handling @Home's rollout.