Kring: Serialized TV ‘Less Pedantic’ Today #TCA15

Showrunner: Digital Platforms, Changing Shows for Better

Tim Kring, executive producer of USA miniseries Dig, compared making serialized television in the current era of DVRs and digital viewing with doing so a decade earlier. The current creative climate came out favorably.

“What it’s allowed us to do is be less pedantic, less spoon-feeding,” said Kring, who talked about the challenge of having to write to viewers who may have missed previous episodes when he was executive producer of NBC’s Heroes. “It allows you to be subtler about how you move from one episode to another.”

Kring appeared in a panel featuring executive producers and showrunners from series made by studio Universal Cable Productions. He was joined by Natalie Chaidez of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, Marti Noxon of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Sean Jablonski of USA’s Satisfaction and Jeff Wachtel, UCP head and president and chief content officer of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment.

Another advantage enjoyed by creators now is the trend among cable networks of ordering shorter seasons.

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