Krone Joins Reid's Leadership Staff

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It didn't take David Krone long to land a big job in Washington, D.C.

Krone, who left a senior post at Comcast in October, was hired last week by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to fill a top policy slot for the man responsible for passing incoming President Barack Obama's legislative agenda in the Senate.

His addition was announced in Reid's breezy newsletter, The Weekly Reid. After noting Krone's cable background, the newsletter described his new mission as “handling the coordination and integration of policy, message and outreach.”

Part of Obama's agenda includes a stimulus package that might include tax incentives to improve broadband technology and increase the number of consumers with access to high-speed Internet platforms. Whether or not “Net Neutrality” conditions are tied to the stimulus plan is a question Reid will have an important say in deciding.

Krone, 42, who starts officially with Reid in less than two weeks, has held a number of senior positions in cable, which has spent the last three years battling the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft on the Net Neutrality front.

Comcast spent the better part of 2008 trying to stop the Federal Communications Commission from finding that the company had discriminated against P2P applications in violation of the agency's Internet non-discrimination principles. That matter is now in federal court.

“It's true [Krone] came from cable … but it's also true he's a loyal Democrat (as he wrote on the Huffington Post). So the question will be whether he wants to help the Senate majority leader thwart one of the new president's chief objectives. One hopes not,” said Art Brodsky, communications director of Public Knowledge, a group that supports government-imposed rules that require broadband access providers to treat all content the same.