Kudos Flows For Clyburn, Baker Confirmations

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Within minutes of the confirmation of Meredith Attwell Baker and Mignon Clyburn to the last two seats on the Federal Communications Commission, reaction began coming in from the Hill and elsewhere.

Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison welcomed the Baker, also a Republican and Texan, with open arms and gave Clyburn props for perspective.

"With the confirmation of Ms. Baker and Ms. Clyburn, our nation finally has a complete Federal Communications Commission," said Hutchison, ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee that vetted the pair. "Being a native of Texas will no doubt provide Meredith Baker with a unique understanding of the communications issues facing rural and urban America," she said. "She has an incredible breadth of experience in federal communications policymaking, and she will be a great asset to the FCC as it considers and develops the National Broadband Plan."

Of Clyburn, she said: "[Her] background in print media provides her with an important perspective to understand the challenges facing traditional media outlets in these difficult economic times."

"We congratulate incoming Commissioners Baker and Clyburn on their confirmation by the U.S. Senate," said NCTA President Kyle McSlarrow, "and look forward to working with them, and all members of the Commission, as they work together to craft policies that will spur innovation, promote private investment, and contribute to our nation's economy."

"NAB salutes the Senate for confirming Meredith Attwell Baker and Mignon Clyburn as new Commissioners at the FCC," said National Association of Broadcasters executive vice president  Dennis Wharton. "Their commitment to public service, and their understanding of media-related issues will serve the commission and consumers well. NAB looks forward to working with Commissioners Baker and Clyburn and their FCC colleagues on behalf of America's free and local radio and television stations."

The chairman of the Commerce committee seemed even happier to finally have the two confirmed, as their nominations had been on the calendar for the past three days.

"I am incredibly pleased to see the President's nominees, Ms. Mignon L. Clyburn and Ms. Meredith Attwell Baker, confirmed by the United States Senate," said Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.). "As a seasoned state regulator, Ms. Clyburn brings with her a strong understanding of the telecommunications challenges rural Americans face everyday. With Ms. Baker, I look forward to an insider's perspective of someone who has toiled in the trenches at the NTIA."

But he gave them an assignment, as well as pats on the back: "I challenge both of these devoted public servants to show us that the FCC can put consumers first. And I challenge both to show us that the American people can have access to first-class communications, no matter who they are or where they live."