Kudos Roll In For Genachowski, McDowell FCC Confirmations


Plaudits continued to come in Thursday night after the Senate approved the nominations of Julius Genachowski and Robert McDowell to the FCC, Larry Strickling for head of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration.

Acting chairman Michael Copps called Genachowski "just the right blend of talent, experience and dedication to lead the FCC toward the more active role it must play if all our citizens are to enjoy the blessings and bounties of twenty-first century communications."

Of McDowell, he said: "Rob's many talents were evidenced during his first term here and I look forward to working with him during his second.

"We welcomed the news that the Senate this evening confirmed Larry Strickling to be the director of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration," said Public Knowledge Presdient Gigi Sohn. ""The agency faces some challenging months ahead in setting the ground rules for, and then administering, a $4.7 billion telecommunications stimulus program that ranges from broadband mapping to creating demand for services to building networks. Larry's leadership will be welcomed as his agency takes on the monumental tasks before it."