L.A. to Adelphia: Pay Up


Make Adelphia Communications Corp. pay $3.3 million or reject an attempt to
extend the bankrupt operator's franchises in the city, the Los Angeles city
attorney has recommended.

The official, Rocky Delgadillo, also said Friday that the city should set a
specific upgrade-construction schedule from Adelphia as a condition for
continuing operating authority.

'Let's keep in mind that the Rigas family was buying a hockey team and a golf
course while our consumers were being denied Internet and broadband service,'
Delgadillo said in a prepared statement.

'They will either provide the high-quality service our citizens have a right
to expect, or we will recommend that they no longer do business here,' he

Adelphia fired all of its contractors within the past two months and stopped
the city's upgrade. Only one of its five Los Angeles city areas is substantially

Delgadillo made his comments on the steps of City Hall just before the City
Council meeting Friday. Councilman Jack Weiss joined Delgadillo, then took his
recommendation to the council.

Prior to Adelphia's bankruptcy filing, the city launched an independent audit
of the MSO's franchise-fee payments. Auditors asserted that the operator
underpaid fees by $3.3 million. A $1.7 million quarterly franchise-fee payment
is also due at the end of this month.