Lagasse Opens On Planet Green With A Bam


Planet Green will launch Emeril Lagasse’s new series with the world premiere of six episodes of Emeril GreenMonday night.

In the series, the renowned chef presents Plant Green viewers with his practices and techniques of healthy eating; with fresh, local and organic food. Lagasse, who continues to appear on Food Network with the daily studio show, Essence of Emeril, shreds his knowledge of using high-quality produce, meat, fish and spices, to help Americans with cooking dilemmas and how to eat right. Set in Whole Food Markets, Lagasse will link up with a team of expert cooks to show viewers how to pick the best fresh food and teach cooking methods.

The series debuts July 14 at 8 p.m. with the “Fish Tales” installments and will be followed by five additional half-hour episodes that night.