Latinos Heed A Spanish Call to Action

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Hispanics are much more apt to watch commercials at length and likely to act upon the information they’ve witnessed when viewing the spots in Spanish.

Some 36% of Hispanics who watch Spanish-language television screen commercials in their entirety, versus 17% of Hispanics who watch English-language TV. This compares with 10% of non-Hispanics watching general-market TV who view spots at length.

These findings were among the data culled from a Nielsen Media Research study presented by Univision Communications Inc. at a press gathering here on March 3.

Additionally, the research indicated that 52% of Hispanic viewers said they frequently receive information about purchase decisions from commercials running on Spanish-language TV, while only 17% of survey respondents said they often get purchase-decision data from spots on English-language shows. Further, only 7% of non-Hispanic viewers said they often get such info from mainstream TV.

The study, titled Who, Why & How of Spanish-Language TV Viewing, also pointed to Univision’s strong programming connection among its viewers overall, and relative to the ads they see on the network.