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Laura Michalchyshyn

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EVP Programming and Marketing, Sundance Channel

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Only on the Sundance scene for a year, the former Alliance Atlantis executive has already started to move the network away from its indie film concentration, to a broader focus that embraces independent thinking. We want to see how Michalchyshyn continues to widen Sundance’s palette via original productions, multipart documentaries and narrative TV series.

HIGH ’05s:”Professionally, we launched some great programs on Sundance Channel including The Staircase, The Al Franken Show, Slings and Arrows, Transgeneration, Iconoclasts, In His Own Words: Brian Williams and Kath and Kim. Putting together a great new creative and programming team. Acquiring the largest number of features, docs and shorts ever from 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Working on positioning and new tagline for the channel: “For a Change.” Personally, I got this great job and relocated from Toronto and found an apartment in Manhattan.”

PICKS IN ’06:The Sundance Film Festival Dailies, 10 days of on-the-ground coverage. I’m looking forward to launch of Sundance original series House of Boateng, The Hill and the production of Nimrod Nation, as well as some great acquisitions like City of Men, Ladette to Lady and Monkey Dust. We will also work on creating content for multiple platforms and spend time on expanding our digital strategy.”

MY TIME: “Rarely home and never enough sleep. My downtime consists of attending screenings and reading scripts and proposals. I frequently go to see films on the big screen for the real experience and also spend time exploring the independent arts scene in New York.”